5 Stages of Mind Body Transformation


If you are like me then the idea of having splinters shoved up your fingernails sounds better than the thought of giving up pizza, bread, chips, cookies, cake, soda . . .   whatever your “vice” is. I’m not saying its going to be in easy. In fact, at first it totally sux. Getting skinny and retraining your mind to think like a skinny girl is a process . Your body and mind will go through stages. Being that I’m a few months and 15 (give or take) pounds down now I can share with you what those stages were for me.

1) Depravation. Everywhere I looked I saw things I wanted but wasn’t “allowed” to eat. Things that never even looked good to me before were now screaming from the bakery department shelves, “Nanny, nanny, nanny, you can’t have me!” This made me want them all the more. This stage shall pass.

2) Licenced Cheater. I went through the stage where I was gonna have my pizza and wasn’t anybody gonna tell me otherwise. I looked at it like this; I work out hard. I deprive myself all week long and I deserved that ding dang pizza, darn it! I was LIVING for cheat night. Once a week I was off to my favorite place to get my favorite pizza and while I was eating it I could have died and gone to heaven and I would have been perfectly happy because every delicious morsel of that pizza was like a slice of heaven on a plate.

3) Awakening. Then all the sudden you’ll eat your once favorite things and you’ll realize that your old favorite things make you feel like total crap. Not in a mental guilty sort of way. In a physical sort of, that pizza is sitting in stomach like a big ol fat Michelin Man, why in the hec did I eat that, sort of way.

Once you get to the Awakening point, your pounds should literally start to melt away. Provided that you have your body in motion and that you don’t have some imbalance preventing it from releasing the fat it wants to let go of. A healthy body doesn’t want to be fat any more than you want it to be fat.

Why This Blog? 7 Reasons

Why would anyone want to blog about their weight loss journey? I mean, it’s not like anyone wakes up one day and says, “Hey, today I think I’ll post fat pics of myself on the interweb for the entire world to see.”

Who does that!

Before pics are down right embarrassing, but I have been mulling this idea over and over in my wee little head for a few months now and I’ve decided to do this for a few reasons. Here they are . . .

#1 Accountability.  I MUST reach my goal if you are watching and rooting for me, right?

#2 The Pip Factor. How piPPed (my word for pissed) will I be when I’m wearing my size 6 pants without ANY proof that I was ever a size 14. I’ll answer that for ya, SUPER PIPPED!

#3 My eldest son has lost over 40 pounds, OMG he looks like a totally different person and for some crazy reason we didn’t take Before pics of him. Everyday I look at him and say, “I’m so
piPPed we didn’t get Before pics of you!”

#4 My 20th Anniversary . . .  I always say, “MY”, as if my poor husband has nothing to with our Anniversary… excuse me, OUR 20th Anniversary is this October and I want to be in the BEST
shape of my life so I can enjoy our 20th Anniversary celebration looking good, whoop whoop!

#5 My 50th Birthday. Oh my gosh. I’m almost 50. Where in the flip did time go! All my life I heard people say, “Time flies”, “Your kids will grow up way too quick”, “It goes by quicker as you get older”. Those words are ringing truer than ever before. I’m on the downhill. That makes me want to cry. But it also wants to make me be the best that I can be for the time I have left.

#6 My baby boy. Okay, so he’s not actually a baby. His birthday is this October too and he is turning 15. He is the 3rd boy and the most like his daddy. Daddy used to be a chubby kid whose nick-name
was “Butt” and #3 child is living up to daddy’s name.

#7 Our success just might give you the boost you need to say, “Enough is Enough”. If I can help even one person (besides me) go from Frumpy to Fit I will be soooooooo happy!